“Art is a guarantee to sanity”
-Louise Bourgeois, a French-American artist, sculptor , and painter. 

Meditation comes in many forms, and can be done with different techniques. The goal is to achieve stillness and peace of mind. For some people, art and creativity allow this peace of mind. 

Painting draws you in by having you focus on a vision. After you’ve decided on what to paint, your focus goes to what tools you’ll need – the right colors, the right brushes, the canvas you’ll work on. Then it’s about making the vision happen. During the entire process, you unconsciously let go of other thoughts. It’s all about the canvas and what you’ll be painting on it. 

Connecting with the Self through Freedom and Control

Painting lends a sense of both freedom and control. What a contrast, you might say. But allow us to explain. Both stem from the aspect of being able to do whatever you want. You can paint whatever picture comes to mind, use your tools however you think will get you that picture you’ve been wanting to paint. You get freedom from the limitless possibilities, and control in that you, and only you, decide on what possibility to pursue.

This combination of both freedom and control may be one of the reasons why some say that art is a reflection of your true self. Your artwork, your painting is you, especially when you indulge in the process. Indulge by way of acknowledging where the mind wanders off, but also letting the thoughts pass and go by, only paying attention at the task at hand. 

Channeling Sanity through Painting

Aside from the fact that you’re literally taking a break from the daily grind with painting, the art activity helps you become mindful. Thoughts are just thoughts. Feelings are just feelings. They only impact the present, you while painting, only if you choose them to.

When you become mindful, clarity naturally comes after. This helps you re-center and recharge, making you ready to handle stress, and make clear and sound choices which also helps minimize stress for the rest of your day.

So, if you find yourself overwhelmed with a clutter of thoughts, try painting. We go back to what Louise Bourgeois said, “Art is a guarantee to sanity.”

Written by Lord Aduca 
Edited by Paulle Olivenza

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