The current situation of the world made us realize that taking care of our mental health is important. Having a small break in between tasks can improve our daily lives and keep our sanity in check. 

We are glad that our sanity break kit helped people feel the break they needed. We are happy to share their wonderful experience and hope that you’ll experience it too soon! 

“Genuinely enjoyed painting this piece. If you’re looking for a cute and fun way to pass the time, try this one”.


“Perfect for your workstations”


“Sobrang sayaaa huhu 🥺🥺 ttry ko din yung iba pang designs! 😍”


“I super love the concept talaga behind the kits! 💖 thank you again hehe”


“Ito na ata pinaka-gv na purchase this quarantine 💖


“Really love your packaging, as well as the product ✨💖”


We are glad to hear that the experiences you have with Sanity Break Kit are positive and helped with taking a break. Being able to share that same experience warms our hearts. Knowing that in our small way, we are able to achieve what the Sanity Break Kit was made to be, that is to help you relax, recharge, and regain yourselves thru the kit. 

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