It was around 7pm of Nov 10 when we received an email from Warner Music Philippines about a possible collaboration with HONNE to customize their own Sanity Break Kit. We are excited and happy because it’s our first corporate collaboration and a custom one too. As a small brand, we are honored to create a collaboration for their song FREE LOVE, that’s why we made this blog to share with you the process of what we did for this collaboration.

Let’s go! 

We ordered our supplies and printed all the stickers and cards that we needed.

We also printed a special transparent sticker to add identity to the box.

We customized all our sticker packaging, instruction cards, thank you cards to compliment HONNE’s theme. 

The artwork was inspired by HONNE’s album art. 

Unfortunately, Free Love – Sanity Break Kits are NOT for sale. They were made for PR purposes. But we hope you can also check out our own designs to experience a new way to spend your Sanity Break.

Checkout their new song FREE LOVE on Spotify or scan the code to play it on your phone now!

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