If there is anything constant, then it’s that stress and problems are always present. Confronting them everyday and doing all we can to resolve these stresses and problems. Handling them can be a pain and tedious, but you need to face them head on. Then after that what do you do?

Nowadays, the biggest asset you have is your body and your mind. Who else is better equipped to take care of them but yourself. Be it playing, drawing, video games, reading, music, exercise,  and enjoying your favorite cup of coffee or tea, these activities help in keeping yourself sane. The things you love doing are on its own, an act of self-care. Having these as part of your daily routine positively affects your mental health as they keep your mind at a relaxed state every time. 

Once you decide to take a break and do things you love, you are already taking care of yourself. Simply by doing these things gives us the opportunity to take a break the way we like it.

Some enjoy a warm cup of tea as it helps with digestion, and relaxes you. It is both good for the body and the mind. 

Some try to rest their eyes. Looking at a window with a good view helps change your mood. Resting your eyes from computer screens are also part of self-care since you need to take care of every part of your body. 

Some give time to read their favorite books before going to bed. They allow their minds to travel to a different world and take a break from worldly problems and stress. 

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. It balances ourselves from the strains of everyday stress, and keeps our perspective wider to face challenges that awaits us. Having self-care as part of your daily routine will always have a positive effect on you. 

Written by Lord Aduca

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