Imahenasyon Manila is a local craft brand based on the Philippines.

It began as a blog back in August of 2013. It then transitioned into an art page, then later turned into a retail brand that also provide services such as mural painting and art commissions.

They produce retail products such as stickers, posters, pouches, and denim jackets.

Imahenasyon Manila specializes in customization of their products. Sharing happiness through art is also one of the focuses of the brand. Personalized gifts/items made by the brand can show how special the value of oneself, friendship, and family. As the brand grows, they want to share how art can be helpful on our daily lives, to find our own creativity and let it flow out of us.

The brand launched a new product called the Sanity Break Kit. This kit promotes a positive and healthy way of taking a break from stress and worries around our space.

The brands mission is to spread art to everyone and to  be able to share the happiness that art brings.

Imahenasyon Manila is created by Jheanna Lou Torre, also known as Dyenn. She’s a self taught artist who dearly loves painting, murals, and fashion.