Care is defined as to show importance and love for someone or something. Caring is what we naturally do. We often give time, how little it may be, to take care of those who/what is important to us. 

The designs were created to celebrate all that we care for. During this time we had an opportunity to spend our breaks with our pets, loved ones, and our passions more. Somehow they are also one of the reasons why we are able to survive the burden of being locked in. Be it your siblings, your pets, your list of books to read, your long hours of zoom calls with your bff these are the things we care about and our support to bring our Sanity back.

With that in mind, the designs were inspired by the things around us that keeps us in check. We take care of them, and they in turn take care of us. The designs were created to remind us that we are not alone. We always have our pets to play with, our books to take us into another world, our favorite drinks that will surely brighten up our day, and our family who loves us unconditionally.  

Inside the kit:

  • Canvas – 6in x 6in
  • Pointed and flat paint brushes
  • Mini Easel
  • 6 colors of acrylic paint
  • Instruction card
  • A mini surprise! 

Stress and worries cannot be avoided, but what we can do is to stop, take a break, reset ourselves so that we can move forward.