The Sanity Break Kit is a paint by numbers activity kit that can help you break from everyday worries and stress.

Total rest can be achieved when both your mind and body are at peace. One way to help you enter this state is through painting. During painting, you may be able to relax yourself. You immerse yourself in that moment without any particular thought or concern on what is happening around you. Just like meditation, painting can be used as a medium to enter a calm and relaxed state.

Take a break with a Sanity Break Kit.

Inside the kit:

  • Canvas – 6in x 6in
  • Pointed and flat paint brushes
  • Mini Easel
  • 6 colors of acrylic paint
  • Instruction card
  • A mini surprise! 

Nature and natural sceneries help our minds reset, increase our creativity and pleasant feelings.

Stress and worries cannot be avoided, but what we can do is to stop, take a break, reset ourselves so that we can move forward.